Our equipments

Discover our range of precision measurement tools, including sound level meters, moisture meters, rebar detectors and much more. At AGTS, we offer you state-of-the-art equipment, specially designed to meet the challenges of Africa's toughest sites. Thanks to our expertise and use of state-of-the-art technology, our solutions offer precision for your specific projects, ensuring reliable data for informed decision-making.

Our geotechnical equipment


AGTS has a wide range of equipment to meet the specific needs of the geotechnical industry in Africa:

  • SOILMEC 8G probe
  • TEC FUTURO probes
  • APAFOR 450 probers
  • APAFOR 330 probers
  • SEDIDRILL 90 probes
  • FORDIA 10 probe
  • CPTu static penetrometer

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Our laboratory equipment


In its materials testing laboratory, AGTS carries out particle size analyses, Atterberg limit tests, sand equivalents, Proctor tests, density tests (which can be carried out in situ), mechanical strength tests, flattening tests to determine flattening coefficients, concrete sampling, real density calculations, bitumen and asphalt testing and plate testing.

AGTS has state-of-the-art equipment for all these services:

  • Digitally controlled shearing machine
  • Odometer testing equipment
  • VBS testing machines
  • Permeability testing machines
  • Pinhole test equipment
  • Densimeter
  • Complete kits for sand equivalents (EN 933-8)
  • Electric shaking machines
  • Proctor compaction ram
  • Swelling plate
  • New generation 50 kN multi-speed universal press
  • Battery-powered impact tester (CLEGG)
  • Membrane densitometer
  • Gammadensimeter (Troxler)
  • 1500 kN motorised compression testing machine
  • Facing square for cylinders
  • Complete stainless steel Abrams cones
  • New model" laboratory concrete mixer
  • Wide neck pycnometer
  • Swiss plate / LCPC plate
  • Penetrability apparatus
  • Redwood - STV viscosimeter
  • Water content measuring device (Dean-Stark)
  • KUMAGAWA binder extraction device
  • Electromagnetic sieve shaker for sieves ø 200 to ø 315 mm with timer
  • Core drilling machine


And all the accessories that go with it (Casagrande cups, grooving tools, petri dishes, glass plates, series of sieves, shaker, sedimentation test tubes, microscopes and precision scales, etc.).

Our equipment Auscultation


Whether you're in construction, engineering, industrial maintenance or other fields, AGTS provides you with sounding tools for accurate, reliable measurements.

  • CA 832 sound level meters
  • Humitest TM humidity meters
  • Ultrasonic instruments
  • Profomètre 5 + armature sensors (Model S/ Scanlog)
  • BUMP shock integrators
  • Sclerometers
  • TDR2 pile integrity meters
  • Paint thickness gauges Etari Gmbh
  • Thickness gauges Echometer 107
  • Resistivity meters
  • CHUM sonic auscultation devices
  • Leica Disto rangefinders / Topographic levels and tripods / Leica total stations
  • Differential GPS
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We know that you need a fast, efficient response for optimum management of your project. Our subsidiaries in Africa are ready to support you in your quest for risk control. We are committed to listening to you and providing solutions tailored to your needs.
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AGTS is constantly on the lookout for innovative, tailor-made solutions, and our employees are committed to delivering them with determination and expertise. For each of your projects, a multi-skilled team, capable of effectively considering all the impacts linked to risk management, is dedicated to you.
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We are committed to working with you to meet your requirements reliably, on time and to budget. At AGTS, we guarantee a unique and successful customer experience. We are seasoned professionals in our fields, and we are committed to serving you responsibly. We provide you with technical expertise to control technical, human, environmental, digital and technological risks. Our experts provide advice and customized solutions tailored to our customer's needs.