#1 Guaranteeing safer progress

Acting for the health, safety and well-being of all our employees.

Safety is the foundation of all progress.  Preventing, controlling and managing risks to ensure safe and secure working and living environments is Apave's DNA.

Our objectives


For several years now, we have been pursuing an active risk prevention policy, with a strong ambition shared by all and embodied in a concrete approach: "Objective Zero Accidents".
Whether on the road, at our customers' sites or on the company's premises, our 14,000 employees apply the safety principles and reflexes defined by the Group, creating a strong safety culture in line with our core business of "risk management".

< 3 accident frequency rate

< 0.10 accident severity rate

"Without trust and safety, there can be no sustainable, successful transitions! "


In concrete terms at Apave

At Apave, all our employees are mobilized around an approach called OZA "Objective Zero Accident". Our common foundation for acting safely:


  • 4 Safety Reflexes that apply to everyone, broken down by type of situation, these reflexes should help prevent incidents and accidents.
  • 10 Managers' commitments, designed to reinforce their role as responsible safety players for their teams, every day of the year.