Discover our 5 business lines

Our 5 business lines are complementary and enable you to combine safety and performance at every stage of your project


CHECK the reliability of the installations and the conformity (regulatory or not) of your facilities, equipment, structures, infrastructures and buildings to keep them compliant during commissioning as well as operation.

Tests & Measurements

MEASURE AND TEST with innovative techniques to describe the situation at hand:
environmental sampling and measurements, and testing of materials and products in industrial and constrained environments.


TRAINING in safety and in the development of technical skills necessary for your business
Professional training resulting in qualifications 

Certification & labelling

CERTIFY to reassure our customers and our customers' customers

Certification of management systems

Certification of people or skills

Certification of products and services

LABELLING and creating LABELS at the request of our customers

Consulting & Technical Support

IMPROVE the safety and health of your teams and property,

preserve the environment and optimize the performance

of your facilities and equipment