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Auscultation - Measurements - Instrumentation

Through monitoring, measurements and instrumentation (AMI), AGTS supports you throughout the various phases of your project studies and monitoring. In the field of AMI, AGTS offers a wide range of services including monitoring of structures, geophysical studies, topography, bathymetry and instrumentation.  Various methods are available for these assignments, and will be used depending on the objective of the study, the customer's time and budget constraints, and site constraints such as access.

The issues

Our professions meet your challenges:

  • Identify areas at risk and map the soil
  • Ensure the stability of infrastructures
  • Ensure the viability of projects over time
  • Identify soil and subsoil characteristics
  • Prevent environmental phenomena and related risks
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance
  • Determine the geological and environmental conditions of groundwater
  • To monitor the quantity and quality of groundwater resources and control their impact during the construction and operation phases of mining and civil engineering infrastructures

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AGTS solutions

AGTS offers a wide range of activities, listed opposite, which can be one-off or ongoing during the construction, operation or maintenance/servicing phase:


Auscultation of structures and components of structures

  • Auscultation using transparency and impedance methods: Tests on buried piles and walls
  • Tests on anchors and supports (pull-out tests)
  • Auscultation of concrete structures (coring, radar, ultrasound, ferroscan)
  • Inspection of metal structures
  • Optical (camera) and acoustic inspection of structural elements



  • Topographic survey using conventional methods (GPS and ST)
  • Topographic survey by drone
  • (photogrammetry and lasergrammetry)
  • Bathymetric survey
  • Cartography and GIS
  • Project design (roads, external works, etc.)
  • Project control/monitoring


  • Groundwater detection (electromagnetic, electrical)
  • Network detection (Geo radar, Vscan)
  • Quarry and cavity detection (tomography, etc.)
  • Grounding (electrical resistivity)
  • Seismic characterisation (Downhole, MASW)
  • Bedrock characterisation (seismic)



  • Installation of geotechnical sensors: tassometer, inclinometer, pressuremeter cell, interstitial pressure, etc.
  • Installation of sensors on structures: stress, temperature, positioning (X,Y,Z), acoustic and ventilation sensors, fissurometers, etc.



  • Storm water drainage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Hydro-agricultural developments

     A look back at our customer experience

The Youth Olympic Games in Dakar, Senegal


The preparations for the Youth Olympic Games are in full swing. AGTS is not to be outdone. As part of the work undertaken to improve and upgrade sports facilities, AGTS had the advantage of carrying out geotechnical and hydrogeological studies over a period of 3 months. This large-scale project will enhance Senegal's sports facilities for the high-level Olympic Games.

AGTS expertise


AGTS is the partner of companies and local authorities in the field of Auscultation, Measurement and Instrumentation. Our expertise enables us to support these entities in compliance with current regulations.


With AGTS, you can rely on a unique network of experts specialising in on-site tests and measurements, as well as a mastery of tools for assessing the risks of soil and subsoil.

With a wealth and variety of experience, our experts are able to support you at every stage of your compliance process, and keep abreast of regulatory developments and current procedures. Our approach is tailored to the specific characteristics of your business and the needs of your team. AGTS enjoys a good reputation and the trust of national and international organisations. The company can therefore boast a number of excellent references.


In the AMI field, AGTS has the latest generation of equipment with the latest investments:

  • A WGMD-9 2D/3D Imaging device for electrical tomography
  • A DJI Matrice 300 RK drone for photogrammetry, lidar and inspection of structures
  • A CADDEN dual-frequency single-beam echo sounder for bathymetry
  • Q CHAMP sonic monitoring equipment from PDI
  • I50 and I70 differential GPS


This new equipment will strengthen our existing fleet and enable us to better meet our customers' requirements in the field of AMI.

Your questions

  • What is the AMI?

    AMI stands for auscultation, measurement and instrumentation, and covers auscultation, geophysics, topography, bathymetry and instrumentation.
  • Who is the AMI for?

    Public and private companies in the building and public works, agriculture and industry sectors, as well as private individuals.
  • What resources are used?

    The methods used are geophysical (electrical, electromagnetic, seismic, etc.), non-destructive (sonic, impedance, etc.), destructive (coring) and topographical and bathymetric (total station, GPS, drone, echo sounder, etc.).
Our equipments
Discover our range of precision measurement tools, including sound level meters, moisture meters, rebar detectors and much more. At AGTS, we offer you state-of-the-art equipment, specially designed to meet the challenges of Africa's toughest sites. Thanks to our expertise and use of state-of-the-art technology, our solutions offer precision for your specific projects, ensuring reliable data for informed decision-making.
geotechnical engineering on materials
Engineering, geotechnical surveys and materials
A geotechnical survey is a useful and cost-effective step before starting a construction project. The geotechnician applies his or her knowledge and know-how to ensure the proper realization, optimization and safety of the project to be carried out. Whether for the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, freeways, tunnels, dykes, quays, viaducts, canals, dams, retaining walls, jetties, breakwaters, groins, gabions, riprap, airports, ports, power plants..., the expertise of a geotechnician is essential and beneficial. AGTS provides engineering support throughout your project, from design to completion, to help you better understand the behavior of all types of soil and groundwater.
Tensile testing machine
Material tests

Whether destructive or not, materials testing provides an exhaustive picture of the description of material properties. These tests are therefore a perfect tool for gaining a better understanding of materials, and in turn data that facilitates decision-making on a given project. 

Rely on AGTS to manage the risks associated with materials testing and ensure responsible operations that comply with current regulations.

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We know that you need a fast, efficient response for optimum management of your project. Our subsidiaries in Africa are ready to support you in your quest for risk control. We are committed to listening to you and providing solutions tailored to your needs.
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AGTS is constantly on the lookout for innovative, tailor-made solutions, and our employees are committed to delivering them with determination and expertise. For each of your projects, a multi-skilled team, capable of effectively considering all the impacts linked to risk management, is dedicated to you.
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We are committed to working with you to meet your requirements reliably, on time and to budget. At AGTS, we guarantee a unique and successful customer experience. We are seasoned professionals in our fields, and we are committed to serving you responsibly. We provide you with technical expertise to control technical, human, environmental, digital and technological risks. Our experts provide advice and customized solutions tailored to our customer's needs.